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SAMCC is a professional crusher and grinder manufacture. It enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad with high quality products and high level service. SAMCC machines not only meet with many domestic demand, and its products are exported to Indonesia, Australia, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, the Middle East and Africa countries

innovation is the driving force, reputation is a prerequisite, quality is the life, efficiency is the guarantee, service is fundamental, and the brand is the goal. SBM always adheres to the brand strategy of taking the service as the foundation, taking the quality as the life, and strive to build the world-class quality products.

our service should be standardized, valued, seriation, differentiation, and must beyond our contract. SBM holds such promise, and continuously innovate, with his excellent technical achievements and competitive product price to create its own brand empire!

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We persevere; we keep moving forward; we are enduring. Everything comes from our strong spiritual pillar' Reasonable, Considerate, Accurate, Efficient.

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Milling machine industry has gone through the extensive development stage, which relies on cheap labor advantage and the expense of the environment. Complies with the international trend of the development of low carbon economy, silica sand grinding mill industry is actively exploring the path toward the development of energy saving and environmental protection. In China, it is in this transitional development stage. This not only requires the government at all levels to further change ideas, also need the silica sand grinding mill manufacturing enterprises to further emancipate the mind, broaden our horizons. In addition, it more need to treat the industry with the internationalization strategic vision.Grinding mill ultrafine comminution technology is a new engineering technology, which is along with the industry of modern high technology and new materials. It has become the most important industrial minerals and other raw materials processing technology. It has the very important significance to the development of modern high technology industry.
The design of cone crusher has the novel design principle. It uses a new concept of crushing technology, which can meet different material specifications crushing, and meet the new process requirements of "more crushing less grinding". Cone crusher has no too big requirement to materials humidity. It is suitable for any hard brittle materials, and can be used for crushing of various kinds of minerals. It has the advantages of crushing cavity depth, continuous operation, high production capacity, and low unit power consumption. The work is relatively stable. The vibration is light. The machine basis weight is smaller. Jaw crusher basis weight machine is 5-10 times as much as the weight of itself.
From ore mining through after mechanical crushing, vibrating screening processed into a certain size of ore grading expansion plant choose according to different purposes. Perlite raw ore water content is generally 4-6%, due to the high water content, after heated to high temperatures, moisture will cause rapid volatilization perlite burst. Therefore, it should first be ineffective water content in the expansion of perlite to go away, and it needed to retain the normal expansion of the water (ie effective moisture). After extensive tests summarized and laboratory and production plant, the effect of perlite expanded processing plant effective water content is between 2.2-2.4%, expanded the best, the biggest expansion of multiples (ie, the lowest bulk density). Therefore, perlite expansion plant production process should include preheating, expansion of two key processes.
Rock crushing method, in specifically, is the method to drill various sizes and shades of holes in different performance rock stratum by a variety of mining machines. According to the crushing principle, it can be pided into impact, cutting and impact-cutting three categories. Each category has its own application range. They all have unique features and the same crushing theory. The drill which directly crushes the rock requires reasonable structure and size, as well as suitable pressure, rotate speed and torque. The drill bit must be match with the nature of rocks.
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